Calling all party animals! Get ready to rock out with Mary as you soar through a workout that feels more like a night at a club than a group fitness class. Mary's music varies between hip-hop, pop, techno, instrumental, and oldies, but the volume is always LOUD, the vibe always ENERGETIC, and the lights always FUNKY. Let's dance!

Favorite Destination

'Landing,' in Madison, WI after a 45 min Domestic Flyght. I always feel calmer, stronger, and more awake than when I boarded my craft.

Spirit Animal

Dolphin. They sound like they're laughing all the time!

Guilty Pleasure

Klarbrunn fizzy waters are my #1 source of hydration.

Music Video I'd Live In

Justin Beiber's 'Sorry.' Still trying to nail down the funky outfits & dance routine...
Check your baggage & catch your Flyght to a calmer, stronger, healthier destination!

Mary’s UPCOMING Flyghts

Wed 3/04 — 9:30 AM



45 min