Founder & CEO

Flyght was created out of my love/hate relationship with cardio workouts and my previous disdain for group fitness classes. To help make that more of a love/love relationship, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a studio that infuses community, mindfulness, joy, sweat, and dance party all in one.The idea was to create a super fun experience that left you wondering where the time went (time really does fly at Flyght). At Flyght, you are the star and our pilots (instructors) are your guides. Our program was developed with your safety and fitness goals in mind. You are not just some member at a gym. You are first-class passengers every time you walk through our doors.

First Flight

Philadelphia to Madison at 5 months old

Hidden Talent

I can do a mean Jan Brady impression

First Concert

U2’s Zoo TV Tour on September 13th, 1992 at Camp Randall with Big Audio Dynamite II and Public Enemy

Guilty Pleasure

Hall & Oates and rewatching the Wisconsin vs Kentucky 2015 Final Four semifinal game
It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.

Megan’s UPCOMING Flyghts

There are no bookable classes for Megan at the moment