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Dear Flyght Passengers,

I hope you will bear with me as this message is coming from a combination of sadness, frustration, gratitude and bunch of other emotions.

As you know, the pandemic has hit small businesses hard, particularly those in the service industry. For the last six years, Flyght has been a labor of love. After five years at the Middleton studio, we were making our mark in the community, and then COVID came knocking. We paid rent for several months (with everything we had left in the bank account) without being able to be open (or open at such a limited capacity, we would have lost more being open). We were able to receive Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding and it has been helpful, but it is not enough to even come close to paying rent, let alone all of our other vendors and bank loans.

And now, our landlord has taken action since we have been unable to make our payments for the last four months. We worked tirelessly with our bank and accountants to see if we could somehow continue, but it is clear that we cannot. We feel for all small business owners and employees that are trying to survive this, doing everything you can. Our hearts also go out to the many who have lost loved ones or suffered through this illness. We see you.

Because of COVID, fitness studios and gyms are closing at a rate 5 times higher than other hard-hit industries like restaurants. There are many reasons, one being the major restrictions to being open at full capacity (restrictions which are needed to keep people safe), but without proper financial help. Federal aid like the PPP has failed to successfully help most local gyms and fitness studios because the program does not meet their cost structures, which have high fixed costs other than payroll. If you feel inclined, please go to and join the fight to save small gyms and fitness studios!

We never could have imagined Flyght and other small local businesses ending this way, with no real goodbye. I am heartbroken it is ending, but the wonderful memories will remain. Amazing and lifelong friendships were made in our studios and that can never be taken away.

Thank you for being a part of building something special that changed a lot of people's lives for the better. I wish I had the perfect words to express my infinite gratitude. I wrote the same to our amazing Flyght Crew, but there really are no words to express the profound impact building Flyght has had on me and my family. We will be forever grateful for you and your support.

In true Flyght fashion, we have been cleared for permanent landing by the Flyght Deck. We hope you enjoyed the ride.

Megan Tucker

*Anyone with remaining class passes may transfer them to Dragonfly Hot Yoga passes by emailing by March 31, 2021.

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