Frequent Flyers

A Frequent Flyer is a passenger who has completed at least 200 Flyghts. We salute each and every one of these dedicated riders for their commitment and enthusiasm. We could not fly together without them - these passengers have certainly earned their wings!   

200+ Flyghts

Anne Hauer
Anya Kubilus
Carolyn Lorge
Chris Bermant
Corinne Hill
Darryl Fargo
Emily Park
Emily Groth
Emmy Snider
Fran Johnson
Frits Abildgaard
Gael Boyd
Heather Zingg
Holly Triatik
Jaime Faus
James Ruth
Jennifer Sullivan
Karen Knuesel
Karen Kleine
Kelley Cory
Leslie Gretzinger
Lexi Kundinger
Linda Passaglia
Maren Misner
Marisa Heinzel
Mary Schuster
Michelle Hamilton
Pat Saiki
Rachel Wolber
Robyn Rauman
Sarah Arkens
Sarah Rasmusen
Sarah Hill
Shannon Carpenter
Shyla Gilbertson

300+ Flyghts

Amanda Hatch
Audrey Martorana
Christina Thompson
Hannah Miksis
Kaitlin Shea
Krista Balgeman
Lori Dailey
Marti Lindstrom
Mary Mitchell
Natalie Lacy
Nicole Roepe
Peggy Lucas
Renee Mettes
Tola Neils
Traci Goll
Trudy Hollub

400+ Flyghts

Ann Franke
Gretchen Myers
Kathy Hines
Kris Fletcher Ziemke
Lisa Friedman
Mary Ellen Flanagan

500+ Flyghts

Jericho Michels
Rebecca Sweeney
Sara Heinzel