First Flyght




Get to the studio 15 minutes before class starts. Be sure to let the front desk know you’re a first time flyer and we’ll give you a tour and get you set up on your bike.

Bike Setup

Setting up your bike to fit your body is easy - check out this handy video! Our Pilots will also walk you through it in person at your first class.


Flyght Technique

Get the low down on the different hand positions, foot placement, and cycling technique we use in all our Flyght classes. 



Our Flyght Crew is ready to help answer any of your questions and get you setup properly on your bike. Never hesitate to ask!

Before class, make sure to check that all pins are tight, that your shoes are secure in the pedals, and that you test the brake. Please honor your body and work at your own pace. We provide complimentary hand towels, but be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated!


First time Passenger? We need your info. Fill out a new passenger waiver when you arrive or sign up online beforehand.


A parent/guardian will need to fill out this form for any rider under the age of 18. Minors under the age of 14 are not allowed to ride. 14 and 15 year olds must have a parent/guardian attend class with them. Minors age 16-18 may attend class without a guardian if there is a minor waiver on file. 

Flyght Prep




We recommend you wear a light weight T-shirt or tank and form fitting pants or shorts.



You don’t have to wear cycling shoes, but it’s a better flyght if you do. Our bikes accommodate SPD pedal cleats and also work with sneakers. Riding with cycling shoes is a smoother and more efficient ride.


Drink plenty of water and be sure to bring your water bottle to class–you'll want to hydrate before, during, and after your Flyght. We have a water fountain with a bottle filling station and we also have water for sale.



You don't want to fly on a full stomach! We recommend a light snack 30 to 45 minutes before your Flyght.

Flyght Policies


Checking In

If you have signed up in advance, remember to claim your bike by checking in at our front desk at least 5 minutes before class. To assist us with proper studio set-up, walk-ins are only permitted up to 10 minutes before class starts.

Please be on time! For the safety of our passengers, late entry will NOT be allowed. (It's dark in the Flyght Deck!)

Weekly Booking

We post our schedule 3 weeks in advance. Every Sunday at noon, sign-ups are allowed for classes 2 weeks in advance. Flyght reservations can be made online or by calling our studio. At Flyght, we are a reservation based business. If no one is signed up 90 minutes prior to take off, we will cancel the Flyght. Please check our schedule to book your seat and get ready to fly!

Flying Standby (Waitlist)

So class is full and you have to fly standby. Take a deep breath and make sure to get on our wait list. When bikes open up, they go to passengers on standby. You have to purchase passes BEFORE you can put yourself on standby. If you don't get a seat, the pass will be returned to your account to be used at a future date. The pass is not refunded.

If there are cancellations 8 hours or more before the scheduled class, you will be automatically added to the class. You will also receive an email stating you have received a bike. If a bike opens up after the 8 hour time window, we will call standby passengers, but will not enroll them unless we speak to them directly.

Please note, we assume you want to take EVERY flyght you are waitlisted for. If you do not remove yourself from the waitlist (online or by calling the studios) by 8 hours before the class, you may get added to the class after it is too late to cancel.

In addition, we do not offer the option of switching flyghts. If you are scheduled for one class and then receive a bike from the waitlist for another class, you will be charged for both reservations.

Cancelling & Refunds

To receive a class credit for a canceled reservation, you must cancel your class 4 hours before your scheduled class. Once you cancel a class, it is returned to your account to be used at a future date. Classes not cancelled by 4 hours before your scheduled class will be charged the normal class fee and no refunds or credits will be issued. If you late cancel or no-show on a class with a waiting list, you will also be charged an additional fee. Late Cancel / No-Show Fees On Classes with Waiting Lists Members: $6  / Non-Members: $12 + class pass charge


Special event registrations can be cancelled, but you will not receive a credit to take another class or special event once cancelled.

All pass sales are final, no refunds for cash or credit will be provided after the purchase of a series. If you choose not to use your Flyght passes, you are not eligible for a refund. If you feel you will not be able to complete a package, you may want to choose one of the smaller packages.